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Make everything simple.Ease to use,dentist convenient,Patient comfortable.
Clean up chair position
To clean up after treatment, just simply press "C" .
Automatically, the chair will be raised to highest position, cuspidor flushing,LED operation light off.
Time saving and work efficiency.
Digital display screen
Stopwatch, pneumatic and water temperature are digital display.
Water heating system
Water temperature adjustable for all tubes.
Multi-protection,we care the most
Emergency Position
Safety is most concerned by our company. when emergency during the surgery,press“Emergency Position” to set the dental unit to the first aid position in shortest time.
The backrest will be set to an angle of -5°,the seat will be set to the highest position.
Emergency position highly facilitates doctors to save patient in emergency case.
Interlock machine chair
When handpiece,scaler or other dental instrument is working, chair position will be locked automatically, preventing patient from injuring by hight speed instrument.
Blockage Protection
Backrest will be stopped when blocked during movement, to protect dentist.
Easy to unpick and clean.
Detachable Suction Filter
Easy for replacement and cleaning,keeping pipes unobstructed and clean.
180° Rotatable cuspidor Ceramic cuspidor
Meets the demand of different spiting angle. Bigger cuspidor with better performance.
Handpiece tubings and cuspidor disinfection system
Well rounded,Offering you the best.
Low noise motor
German made silicone handpiece tubing
USA made air tubing and water tubing
Stainless Steel Pipe for foot pedal

  • Touch panel control instrument tray with metal base.
  • Rotatable dental unit cabinet box facilitates 4-hand operation and easy for maintenance.
  • Multi-functional Assistant Tray with drawers allows assistant to control chair position, cuspidor flushing ,water heating and cup filling. Also two drawers for frequently-used instruments.
  • Multi-Functional Foot Pedal is easy to use and efficient for dentist.
  • Ergonomics designed Chair fits human body seamless,comfortable for patient during long time surgery.
  • Dimmable LED Operation Light is shadowless focus,flexible and easy to use.
  • 3-In-1 Main Switch &Emergency Stop allows to turn on/off the power/water/air system with one switch, simple and efficient. Moreover,it is an emergency stop switch.
  • Ergonomic Doctor Stool with 6 ways adjustment allow doctor to choose the suitable position.
  • DC 5V Universal USB port allows mobile phones charging.
  • LED Digital display for water temperature,surgical time reminder, air pressure.
technical parameters:
Dental Unit

Input voltage: AC12V±10%

Power: 23W

Max Lux: ≥25000Lux

Min Lux: ≤8000Lux

Color Temp.: 5000-5700K

Dimmable: PIR sensor by 2 grades light intensity adjustment

Weight: 1600g

High speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing2 pcs
Low speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing1 pc
Water tank (air pressurized)2 pcs
Syringe2 pcs
Strong suction and saliva ejector(weak suction)1 set
LED operating light1 pc
24V Gear motor2 pcs
Cuspidor flush & Cup filler1 set
Multifunctional Pedal1 pc
Built in Film viewer 24V1 pc
Dentist stool1 pc
Cuspidor1 pc
PU upholstery1 set
Main tray1 pc
Assistant tray1 pc
  • Installation diagram of external floor box

  •  Installation diagram of built-in floor box

  •    Outlet tubes sectional view

  •    Outlet interface planar graph

The manufacture reserve the right to alter and improve the specification without notice.
Purchase parts:
  • Curing light Scaler

  • ECG monitor

  • Endoscope system

  • Electric motor

  • Oil-free Compressor

  • Central Suction System

  • Oral teaching video system

  • Top-mounted instrument tray

  • Dental loupes Oral cavity microscope

  • HighLow speed Handpiece (2or4 holes)

Colors available:

Standard :PU Leather

OPTIONAL: Micro Fiber Leather

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